Do you ever fart accidentally when you sneeze?

Uh, it happens when you’re healthy, too. :shifty:

Heck yeah. I sneeze and fart at the same time. Hopefully the sound of the sneeze drowns out the noise of the fart. Every morning at work all the guys at our table lean over and fart. You can hear them all over the cafeteria. Has anyone ever sharted? (went to fart and s**t their pants instead?

This is coming from “Captain Creepy” :shifty:

sharting really is a rare occurance. It is the lowest point in your colon’s grim existence.

It shouldn’t be happening more than once a year

I think your colon probably has a worse time if you get sent to prison and bend down in the shower to pick up the soap :blush:

I’m not speaking from personal experience, by the way.

LIES!!! It’s okay you’re among friends. Just use the air freshener spray afterwards :slight_smile:


what is wrong with you people!?


Have you ever been haunted by a fart? You know, one that follows you around? I did at Wal-Mart. I let one and then tried to get away from it by going 3 isles over. I turned around and walked right thru it. Spooky.

Haha what a great thread :smiley:
Never done so myself though I have to say.