What's the Weirdest Thing You've ever Seen on Youtube?

This is a hard question, but I think I’ll go with this;



Although this might be a close second;


[FONT=“Georgia”]By the way, didn’t I already make a thread like this sometime ago? I don’t remember.


I bet somebody will post a rickroll or rickroll mashup…

I admit I find none of them weird. You can blame it on my country. :eye:

Ok, the guy in the first video seems a bit “odd” but otherwise…

I don’t have any weird videos to share. :confused:

ok that first guy is really weird - I very rarely visit youtube and that’s only if someone sends me a link to something - so my weirdest thing is just what you posted :lol:

Nothing G-rated that I can think of. :shifty:

Although some of the Sesame Street videos are pretty funky.

Maybe a good thing. I try to do that as little as possible too, because once I get in there, I can’t leave for hours! Especially when watching funny videos, I leave only when I start feeling sick in the stomach and the jaw aches like mad :lol:

Really? I dont think I’ve ever seen anything that funny! I mean I’ve watched those funny videos of “bigfoot” stealing clothes off a clothes line or being on a ride-on lawn mower - in a “caught on cam” situation :lol: they’re pretty funny but nothing that makes me cry laughing! :stuck_out_tongue: - I do like watching photoshop tricks or artsy stuff - that can be addicting but that’s once in a blue moon - otherwise i’ve never been into it! I dread to think what non G rated “weird” things you’ve seen - makes me ill :shifty:

youtube is fun. i can spend hours in there, searching, watching and listening to everything from cartoons to music, to concerts, opera, funny videos, waterskiing and well, just about everything…

one day i was browsing youtube, i came across one of my neighbours daughter, who was drunk as a skunk :stuck_out_tongue: puking and yelling haha

youtube has so much interesting that i can get stuck for hours in there :stuck_out_tongue:

i use it a lot to find old music from the 50-60-70’s, and from the time i grew up.

there is not a week that i doesn’t get any funny videos from some friends around the world :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know what the weirdest thing i’ve seen there is, as there are so many weird things there. but i like the muppets, sesame street and a lot of other videos :smiley:

Dschinghis Khan - Moskau with english lyrics :stuck_out_tongue:

or the swedish chef


Swedish Chef - making donut

or the muppets singing Bohemian Rhapsody


The Muppets: Bohemian Rhapsody

I don’t know about “weird”, but very funny - yes:

Hitler reacts to the Oasis split

Edit: damn, it’s just been removed from YouTube. Here’s another link: http://www.wat.tv/video/hitler-reaction-to-oasis-split-1ttcj_1ttc7_.html

It’s a cumulative effect. Try watching those for several hours in a row. You begin with an easy chuckle, then hours later you ROFL at anything even remotely amusing. :smiley:

This is one of the things i really like about youtube :lol:

This one made me cringe a bit, but it’s kind of funny too:

Hm, I don’t have Flash so I can’t see any of the ones posted : )

However the most recent strange video I’ve seen was a music video for the band KONTRUST and the song “Bomba”-- a mix of the typical latin hit Bomba (not the old La Bomba but the recent ones every latin band just has to do… eg, Bomba by Azul Azul) and Guano-Apes-style metal. The stillness of the Heidi-in-the-Alps in the video is such a contrast to the music style, and obviously took some thought.

Just type in Bomba Kontrust in Youtube.

In old bookmarks, I have someone drawing a picture of an anime character with HTML tables (prolly about a bazillion LOC), [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JzqumbhfxRo]Lasse Gjertsen using video editing to play drums and piano (when he can’t play either), You Can’t Touch This [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46PXaJxzuDE]Mormon Jesus… and Gjertsen also did a delightfully creepy and beautiful video of [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldPf3yqq3-8]Giovanni Sollima playing a lovely song with many arms (vishnu watch out).

Of course, YouTubePoop is classic (the good ones anyway) and the redo of Ome Henk’s Opblaaskrokodill (called French Erotic Film, an example of mondegreens for fun).

I like these kind of videos where it looks like it’s all happen spontaneously.
the expression of peoples faces, when they look at it is priceless.

like the old lady at 1:04 and the lady besides her with the documents, the little boy at 1:15 and the old lady at 1:20.
then there is the old lady with the red hat at 1:36, the lady in the stairs at 1:44, the guy at 1:49 peeking over his shoulder, and the old lady at 1:58, man with caps at 2:09, dude in the red jacket at 2:34 and the girl with the fantastic smile at 3:18-3:20.

it’s amazing what a little singing and dancing can do to bring joy to people :slight_smile:

the opening of the video reminded me of thee good 'ol Bring me Edelweiss by Edelweiss from 88 :lol:


Edelweiss - bring me edelweiss