Do you ever fart accidentally when you sneeze?

I especially want to hear from the ladies.

OH you REALLY are sick!

Ladies don’t fart. We have “a little wind”.

I have done so on occasion :o

Yes. But it is not an accident. :shifty:


Sneezing releases your body’s muscles I believe, so wouldn’t it be only natural?

Nope - never happened to me. In fact, I’ve never heard of it happening to anyone! I think you just made it up.

I did it before I started this thread. That’s what prompted me to ask.
I really need to cut down on caffeine, it makes me too impulsive.

Chuck Norris once farted and destroyed all reality, however simultaneously sneezed a booger containing all that is and ever will be.

Hey, does anyone know who elected Chuck Norris last week’s Internet meme?

yes. it happens sometimes when you do situps too. Its quite embarrassing if someone is holding your feet.

When you’re pregnant… sometimes you pee when you sneeze. its awful.

That is awful! Instead of running for a tissue you have to run for the loo!

Awful, yet surprisingly humorous.

I once farted when I sneezed back in high school. Two girls were sitting behind me and started to laugh. :frowning:

Girls farting? I thought they only “fluffed”

Like the incontinent granny in Little Britain

Nah, My wife farts like me - loud and proud!
And I have taught the kids (both girls) to laugh when they fart!
(BTW, they are 11 months and nearly 3!)

Job done!


You don’t want to witness my little cute sweet lady pug ‘fluff’. She’d poison you out of the room in 2 seconds.

Who thought that such a tiny dog can produce such terrible air? :shifty:


don’t know why fluffing, passing gas, floating air bombs, farting, tooting and ripping them has become so taboo. Aside from the nasty odur that comes with some of them it usually is pretty funny. Look at a baby when they fart they smile because it is funny why do we loose that as we age.

my 3.5 month old daughter drops bombs that make me do a double take and make sure it wasn’t my wife.

I wish it wasn’t so taboo. Holdiong them for too long hurts. :cry:

In a yoga class my wife and I take sometimes it can be hard but at least I do. There are some people in the class that just let them go because they have gotten so relaxed or there is too much preasure.

I think its a natural thing that happens when you are sick! :slight_smile: