Do Follow Social Bookmarking Sites

Why you didn’t list Digg and Delicious as social bookmarking they are dofollow.

Delicious is not dofollow, just go to their home page, view source and you’ll see a bunch of rel=“nofollow”.

I want to say thank you i have used the sites these prove most beneficial for me thanks again for sharing your knowledge with me.


Thanks for the listing. I will take a look at on each site and see the result.

All of a sudden these do-follow social bookmarks are just coming at me left and right.

Great listings. Thanks!

very good listing , thanx

this is a good list, thanks for posting this…:slight_smile:

great listing … Include in social bookmarkings

Mostly Social Bookmarks don’t contain do follow links

yea great list, thanks for it, i added many new social bookmarking sites to my list now …

unfortunately elmera uses a credits system which prevents you from posting more than 2-3 links per day or so…

Here are the 125 List of Social Bookmarking Sites! Enjoy!

I enjoy using reddit. It’s very easy to submit.

Thats because it’s can give you a high quality backlink to pump up your website on the search engine

  1. Furl – PR7
  2. Backflip – PR6
  3. Bibsonomy – PR6
  4. LinkaGoGo – PR6
  5. Mister-Wong – PR6
  6. Raw Sugar – PR6
  7. Spurl – PR6
  8. Buddy Marks – PR5
  9. Jumptags – PR5
  10. MyJeeves / Ask – PR5
  11. MyLinkVault – PR5
  12. Xilnus – PR5
  13. A1 Webmarks – PR4
  14. Bookmark Tracker – PR4
  15. Connectedy – PR4
  16. Diigo – PR4
  17. OYAX – PR4
  18. MyVmarks – PR4
  19. TeDigo – PR4
  20. ez4u – PR3
  21. MyPIP – PR3
  22. SyncOne – PR3
  23. Yattle – PR2

want a complete list? follow this link :slight_smile: hope this will help you


I would like to add solinkable and tungaw is another dofollow bookmarking site.

It’s what you do after making those bookmarks that really counts…

Here’s a simple way to do it easy, bookmark on delicious, export all your bookmarks, the import your bookmarks into all the other sites.

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