Dofollow Really Helpful?


Are Do follow blogs and Social bookmarking sites really helpful for traffic generation??

Because the search engine can’t count what it can’t see. When Googlebot comes and downloads a SitePoint Forums page, ** your signature is not there **.

Go do a Google search for a forum thread, and click the “Cached” link. You will see that in Google’s copy of any forum thread on this site, there are no signatures at all.

I really can’t say about traffic generation but they are really good for backlink. You can use digg. I am getting some traffic from there. Redit is another site that you can try out.

All blogs and social networks DO HELP. However, some of them help a little, and other sites help a lot. However, ANY backlink is better than no backlink.

I use to believe in the DoFollow sites - but the more I read about it - they really don’t matter. Probably something that G said to throw ppl off.

Now concerning blogs and social networks - these are great for referral traffic if it is done right. The thing you don’t want to do is get on something like Twitter and spam your links all the time. Socialize w/ ppl - tweet articles that aren’t yours - then every now and then - tweet an article that you posted.

dofollow or nofollow makes little difference in the number of visitors who follow a link - since it isn’t obvious to them whether the link is nofollow or not.

The relevance of the link is the important factor in whether real people will follow it or not.

Social Bookmarking sites like digg, stumbleupon, delicious are good at both baclinks as well as increasing traffic… Twitter and Facebook will help you to increase traffic.

of course helpful. Both are helpful, but if done in right way

Yes! It does help with your backlinks!

Do follow blogs and Social bookmarking sites can help traffic as well as backlink, but in rankings, it depends.

It could also help in rankings, but everything depends on your niche. It’s impossible to get ranked #1 in competitive niche using just blogs and social bookmarks.

Stumbleupon is really helpful in generating traffic. Digg is also very handy if one can get in to the front page. but it is not an easy task at all.
But if we consider Digg, as far as I am concerning, the major advantage is getting the links indexed fast. That is the main benefit of doing social bookmarking.

Definitely Dofollow blog commenting will helpful to get top on search engine. But you need to select blogs which are from your niche.

I would also suggest getting some links from sites powered by Scuttle or PHPDug scripts. There are thousands of these sites, so you get a lot of backlinks. There are also automated tools to bookmark on these sites.

if you want only traffic don’t serious about dofollow/nofollow.

yes they are helpful but specially in the sense of backlink building…

I think do follow is really valuable if you gain backlinks from it. It can be cause for getting better improvement in SERPs.

nofollow links have the same effect in SERPS

Yes do follow links are really good for link building and help in Google PR increasing.

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yes only do follow back link help to website because google not consider the no follow try to submit your website in do follow bookmarking site.