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I have a question, how to know if a website has “Do-Follow” or not? For me this is important if you want to do blog commenting. It will be a waste of time if you leave a comment for a blog/website that does not have “Do-Follow”, any ideas? Thanks

Sure…stop doing blog commented for links. Adding a comment to a blog for the sheer purpose of getting a link is the fastest way to be canned as a spammer.

ib4 the so called “SEO experts” :nono:

Why would it be a waste of time? Building an industry reputation, getting direct traffic, starting a relationship with a blogger all take place regardless of how search engines see your links.

SEO is only one part of marketing and links are only one part of that. Focus on the goal, not the checklist.

I’m in agreement with Ted S. I don’t check whether a link is nofollow at the time, but in honesty I have commented on very few blogs because I don’t find many that I can make a relevant comment to. I think that whether it is a blog or a forum or whatever, if you can contribute and maybe get something back that’s fine, but relevant contribution helps long term with reputation and a nofollow link can still provide traffic, visitors can follow it even if SE’s can’t.

I agree all above statements but you can use Quicrk Search Status or SEO Quake tool bar to find out follow and no follow links.

There is a tool SEOQUAKE that is freely available on internet and that show directly whether the links are dofollow or nofollow. You can do it manually too. Go to the source page of your web page and then find out whether the page contains links dofollow type or nofolllow type.

no-follow from what I know is only accepted by some search engines like Google (They invented it after all). I’d just ignore the follow/nofollow websites and post anyway. If your content is useful, someone’s bound to follow your link.

According to me you can use search status toolbar and right click on this toolbar and easily check which website have do follow and no follow links. And if you are doing blog commenting, it’s not waste of time, when you do blog comment make sure those blog have do follow link also high PR. Might be they give you quality backlinks and as well as good traffic.

Yes, page rank is important but I don’t think it should be the main factor determining whether you should post or not. Even if there’re no-follow links, post a link and give it some effort. Some blogs are just worth it, practically free advertising regardless. :slight_smile:

But I read in some blogs that yahoo considering no follow unlike google

Even though a blog has no-follow you’ll still win a reader to your blog or a visitor to your site. So I’ll call it a win-win situation. That is if the comment is on topic and very useful.

I totally agree with this one. If you’re going to comment on blogs, make sure that your primary purpose for doing so is really commenting on those blogs and not link building. You should think of the links that you can leave there as a bonus. Another thing: commenting on blogs that have the rel=“nofollow” attribute isn’t a waste of time if you’re genuinely building a relationship with the bloggers.

To find the links whether it is dofollow or not. Just use mozilla firefox. Open a webpage where you’ve got a backlink (and select the link) and then right click on it and select the “View selection source” option, then a new windows will be opened with a html code in it. It will looks something like the following:

<a href=“” rel=“nofollow”>status via Dell Streak</a>

If you see “nofollow” in the html code of selected link, then that links is not dofollow backlink.

I’m interested in knowing where the term “dofollow” same from, because it doesn’t exist. There are normal links, and nofollow links.

please explain the difference between a link and a back link

I think its pretty natural that when a term is invented that eventually along will come another term to mean the opposite.It’s just easier to say that a link is dofollow rather than saying it isn’t nofollow. Like any word, if it is used often enough it will eventually be added to dictionaries.

not this word


One way is to look at the code of the website and see if there is a rel=“nofollow” attribute on other blog comments. But a better way is to download SEO Quake (FF or Chrome) or SEO ToolBar (FF). Both of these tool bars will either cross out or highlight if the link is a no follow. On another note, don’t just focus on only follow links, it’s a good idea to have both follow and no follows in your backlink portfolio.

…actually there is another addon for Firefox called “NoDoFollow”…check it out…worked for me. Source code as mentioned by josefaryan would be the quickest way if you know how to access that…