Dofollow/nofollow - link checker

Anyone ever heard of a dofollow/nofollow link checker? How do people tell the difference anyways?

Look at the source code. If it says rel="nofollow" then it’s a nofollow link. If it doesn’t, it isn’t.

What if a site doesn’t have one? It’s not dofollow or nofollow. Does it have a default setting usually?

Thank you very much.

Do Follow - Allows the link juice to your site from the existing site
No Follow - Doesn’t allows link juice to your site

In a web page if they given

rel=“no follow”
then it is a No follow to the corresponding link / anchor text. If that No Follow is not given then it is a Do Follow relationship.

  1. To find out this simply check the corresponding anchor text in source code of the web page.
  2. You can also check it in a No Follow finder .
  3. By, another way simply installing the add on in firefox will highlights the No Follow links in red color.

There’s no such thing as “dofollow”. There are links, which search engines follow, and there are “nofollow” links, which search engines don’t follow.

Firefox has an addon I used to have installed and worked really well :slight_smile:

Searchstatus quake can display you nofollow links on a page. You will have to right click on SEO Quake and select ‘like through nofollow / noindex’.

Searching for nofollow in source is a good process too. But you will have to match the links utilizing anchor text and URL. Many pages have selective nofollows abled (comments in a blog).
Thank You.

You’re probably talking about NoDoFollow - I use that as well, and it works great.

By using Firebug, we can see that the link is do-follow or no-follow

There are many add-ons which highlights the no-follow link. If you are using firefox search for the add-on no-follow and you would get many result. It comes along with PR, alexa rank and backlinks etc with different options. I use swoosty. It highlights the no-follow link in pink colour so that we know that whether it is worth to place a link over there.

You can check from the source code like rel=“no follow” are nofollow links and you can use nodofollow Firefox addon for that.

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