Backlinking; How to Know if 'No Follow'?

Seems to much on the topic of backlinking for SEO. And I can see where it has its benefits. My question is simple:

How do you know if the forum, site, blog etc is “No Follow” allowing no SEO? I post on numerous forums and blogs but never knew if the forum/blog was no follow or not.

Is this set in the HTML? How do you know if it’s ‘no follow’ or not?

Sorry if this question is obvious, but its not obvious to me. Backlinking is important in SEO. WE only get 24 hours in a day and I don’t want to waste those precious hours on forums, blogs etc that are ‘no follow’.

But how does one know a site, forum, blog, etc is “no follow?”

Thank you in advance for your time and patience as I am new to this.


John Holmes

This is asked far too often – search first!

This is what nofollow refers to:

<a href=“http://www.example.comrel=“nofollow”>Link</a>

So simply search the HTML for the word nofollow.

You can use the tool : seo for firefox for knowing the no follow links.

You can check it manually.

On your browser the Select View and then select Page Source from your browser’s menu bar. or just hit the CRTL + U.

After that press CTRL + F and then on the code search the “nofollow”

it will look like this.

<a rel=“nofollow” href=“”>etc</a>

You can use the Fire fox add on for your browser and check Or you can view the source code of the site and check if the a href tag contains the attribute rel-nofollow , if the contains it is a nofollow site

press ctrl +u. then in the html code, you may see nofollow in front of link

So that means you have no interest in being part of an online community, apart from exploiting them with spammy links?

I too use seo tool plugin for firefox to check whether the link is dofollow or nofollow…

You can use such tools as SEO Quake (Firefox plugin) to check!

No, it means that they would prefer wasting their time spamming various forums despite the fact that their links will have no value regardless instead of spending time on proper search engine optimisation. That means that anyone who spends even a few seconds on SEO will be able to quickly jump past them in the search results.

Having the spammers waste their time on that totally useless link building is one of the ways the search engines keep them from polluting their search results. In return for a handful of blogs and forums getting filled with spam the big search engines avoid getting polluted with the same. The spammers waste all their time building junk links that the search engines will ignore anyway and everyone except the owners of the forums that got trashed by the spammers are better off than if the spammer did something that would actually have an effect on the search engines instead.

Well you gotta give him credit for the name!

“John Holmes”… There was nothing low profile about him! LOL

Thank you. Question answered.

If you find the no-follow attribute then it is a no-follow one or otherwise it is a do-follow one.

I would prefer SEO quake to check whether it is a No Follow. It is an add on of Firefox and it will let you know while using a particular web page. The link will be displayed as no follow if you use that add ons.

Thank you. Will add that to my Firefox. Once again, thanks for the info.


Just remember that the relevance of the link is 99.999% of its value and being do-follow is at most 0.000001% of its value.

please stop making up statistics

and if you can’t stop, at least be creative and use something like 99.937%

Okay. I suppose I should have said

“Just remember that the relevance of the link is ALL of its value and being do-follow is NOT WORTH ANYTHING EXTRA AT ALL.”

Thank you Felgall, I’ll keep that in mind. Again, a big “thank you” to the folks who took the time to help. Much appreciated.


In my experience you’re best checking the source because more often than I would want, the firefox addon gets it bloody wrong!