How to know which blog is dofollow and which is nofollow?

How can you figure out which blogs are dofollow and which are nofollow ones?
And is it a good idea to comment on blogs relevant to your industry to build backlinks?

Dofollow blogs will let you have a signature.

Yes, it’s a good idea to comment on blogs relevant to your industry, i.e. targeted traffic.

:)… i know the difference between the two…
my question is how can you figure out whether a particular blog is dofollow or nofollow.?

First go on a comments proved blogs and chose a comment. After put your arrow on hyperlink able keyword and click left button chose view selection source. Show result and look no-follow or do-follow.

Utter rubbish. Whether a forum or blog allows you to have a signature has absolutely NO bearing on whether links are marked as nofollow.

If you find rel=“nofollow” code on the hyperlink source, its nofollow link. Otherwise its dofollow link which passes link juice.

I use add-on (SearchStatus) to find out the No follow or do follow links. After install this tool, enable Highlight no follow links. Then if you go to any blog site, easily no follow links can be identified.

I think it’s not that really important to know if the blog is a dofollow or nofollow. What matters is the traffic of real visitors. Besides most blogs online are nofollow because they have a hard time dealing with spammers years back. You want to get on top to SERPs so that your site will get easily noticed by visitors. But you can still get visitors on popular blogs.

If you post your comment on blogs that are relevant to your niche, you are more likely to redirect your targeted customers (people who are more likely to buy your product).

Check up this:

The above link is about a firefox plugins that helps detecting if forums are do-follow or not!

Good Luck!