DNS question


I have a question. If I buy custom DNS from my hosting company so instead of NS1.MYHOSTING.COM I would have NS1.MYDOMAIN.COM, would someone still be able to find out where my site is being hosted?


yes, because the Reverse lookup goes to the same IP’s. All they have to do is bypass your DNS by going to www.whois.sc and find out all about you and your next door neighbors. :wink:

It’s impossible to hide where you’re hosted. :slight_smile:

But what if I’m using a unique IP?

Nothing is impossible. :wink:

the IP is still attached to the same host. I’m getting a little fuzzier on this since it’s been awhile, but I think it can be determined what server you are on…

Oh geesh… I used http://www.whois.sc and when I clicked on the IP, it gave away everything. Even the exact location of the web host. So much for having a “unique IP”.

No one said it was a private IP. :wink: Just a unique one. :slight_smile:

Makes sense.

what about proxies and proxie servers?

If you know location of web hosting company that will not help you at all. Because you will know about DC location only. And there are could be more then 1 web hosting company in the same date center.