Finding where a domain name is hosted?


I have been asked to design a friends website, they already have two domain names:


I want to find where these are hosted from so I can transfer them to my hostgator hosting account.

How would I find this information and transfer them over?

Thanks in advance

Search for whois on google and then use one of the sites listed to find more details. found the first site details and I did not check the second one.
You want to transfer the domain name to your account? I would not do that but leave it under the customers control or do you mean point the domain at one of your hosting packages.
Either way you will need to get the domain account holder to do the transfer or alter the domain name DNS settings unless they give you the account details.

I wanted to host it for them so I have control of it.

The only problem they have had the domain name for so long (Think a friend set it up for them around 2006) that they don’t have or can’t remember the login details

The site owners need to contact the registration company and ask for the login details; the registration company should not give you the details. will give you the hosting company.

Hosted by 1&1:


In that case, give your friend the advice that 1&1 has a terrible reputation as a host (a sideline to their registrar business where they have a fine reputation) and recommend a good host. There are plenty out there without 1&1’s reputation (and I can certainly recommend WebHostingBuzz).



Are 1&1 not the best then? I am currenty using a hostgator account to host 4 domain names, do you suggest any other company? As I have found hostgator quite helpful especially with their 24/7 online chat

They’ve been working hard to get themselves a worse reputation of late, which is a huge task, given how low it already was.

It is a very good ideate stay away from any web hosting provider that claim to sell “Unlimited Bandwidth” or “Unlimited Storage”. These always have hidden Terms of Service or internal procedures to limit the usage of the service. Go compare few web hosts that have transparent serve offerings and offer a reasonable amount of computing resources at fair price.

Also hostgator doesn’t have real good reviews recently.
Probably it’s better Arvixe, myhosting or inmotion hosting. Do your homework, read user reviews :slight_smile: