Don't know where my site is hosted?! How to find?


Bit of an odd question but the charity I work for has a website (not it’s main site) that has been up since 2006 (so loads of staff changes in that time) and I’m trying to find where its hosted.

I can see the domain is registered through our godaddy account and I looked at the dns entries and I thought that the server IP would be the ‘A’ entry. But if i enter that into my browser I get taken to a ‘parked domain’ page on godaddy with the url of another of the domains we have bought at some point that is listed in our godaddy account.

I’ve had a look on our godaddy account and there is no hosting package with our account.

How do I found out the server the site is on? What do I need to look for?


Have you tried

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edit - Thanks from the ‘IP location’ I found a company name and was able to look back through a past colleagues emails and found the hosting agreement. I’m not sure the info looked the same on the whois website I’d previously tried. This seemed much clearer.

Now hopefully i can just do a password reset and log in to see whats what.

many thanks


WHOIS, tracert (traceroute on *NIX), or just… ask the treasurer for whoever you send your money to every X months? (Even charities have to pay for hosting…)

Glad you got your answer tho :slight_smile:

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looking at the whois website I used it completely omitted the ‘IP location’ which showed the hosting company. Which is not very useful. Will use the domaintools going forward.

yeah i was a bit confused as finance didn’t know when I asked them, but I guess it might not be listed as hosting or something on their system. Without a name of the company it was hard for them to check anything. But I guess we must have been paying for it for quite some time. Will have to follow up with them now.


if you are not sure where your profile is hosting and you want to find it please go through the below points

  • Check your credit card or bank statements who are you paying?
  • Check with your website design company they might know.
  • Check with your IT support department they should know.