DMOZ listing

How do i get my site listed on DMOZ right away.
Thank You.
Tom Bell

There is nothing more you can do that submit once to the one best category. Anything more than that (eg resubmitting) is counterproductive.

An editor may or may not review your site sometime between a few hours or a few years. When editors look for new sites to add, they look in many places. The pool of submitted sites is just one source that they may choose or not choose to use (it happens to be one of the worst sources)

I don’t think there’s any real strategy to get included in DMOZ faster. DMOZ can take weeks to months to add your website.

Well i dont think think that there is any other way to get listed in Dmoz ,u simply need to make ur link submitted to the concerned directory.
It may take months for the site approval.
Link directory -
But do remember to submit it in relevant category as dmoz puts much stress on category relevancy as compared to other directories.