Div resizes slowly

I have been asked to put a flash element in the quick facts box on http://test.swindon.uk.com/ the code I was given had a div with a width of 300px and a height of 250px but when you resize the browser it goes outside of the container. Would be grateful for any help on this.

Have you tried removing the width and height? Remove those inline styles and try something like width: 100%.

yes I have that was what I was referring to initially with it resizing slowly I set width and height to 100% but when you scrolled on a mobile as youscrolled over the element it would very gradullay grow from zero size. I have now set the width to 100% but as you can see now as you resize it the ad resize but the background (lighter blue) which is part of the flash element remains there do I need to get the marketing company tha built the flash ad to rebuild it without fixed widths?

This element is controlled by the Swiffy library, which is resizing things on the fly. Personally, I’d go back to those who created this and ask them to fix it up so that it works properly in a responsive environment. Otherwise, start getting familiar with Swiffy!