Flash Ad full page width

I would like to have a flash ad that takes up the full page width no mater the users native resolution. As I see it there are two options and would like your help determining which is better.

Option one, have the flash movie resize (this I dont know how to do).

Option two, use slivers to make up the size difference.

Thank you.

Hi webgeek1985. Welcome to SitePoint. :slight_smile:

If it were an image, you could set it to width:100% to allow it to resize, but I’m not sure that works with Flash object. so perhaps go for option 2. You would place the Flash ad in a div of width:100%, background gray. Set a width for the flash ad and set its margins to 0 auto. The auto is for the left and right margins, which centers the element.

You can choose to either stretch the swf to fit the space (however this would distort the shapes within) or you could use the embedding parameter allowScaling = noscale, which retains proportion, then within the swf reposition elements dynamically by detecting the stage size

Thank you both for your suggestions!