Flash is resizing width ok but not height...?

I am trying to embed a flash slideshow on a site and I cannot seem to get the height to change. It stays relative to the width. I went into the FLA file and changed it in there and made a new SWF file but it’s still not changing on my web page. www.hoghedz.com/buy-the-music.html

Here is my object code:

      <div align="center">

<object width=“300” height=“500”>
<param name=“movie” value=“slideshow.swf?xml_path=images.xml”>
<embed src=“slideshow.swf?xml_path=images.xml” width=“300” height=“500”>


300x500 is what I am trying to get the flash movie to display at but it looks to be more like 300x200. And if I adjust the width, that changes with no problem (up to the width of the column - it wont go wider than that, which is fine). But, if I try to change the height it wont show the change on my page. I previously had content going down the entire length of the column so it’s not a setting restricting that and put in some text to show that.

I’m hoping someone can help… Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


If the SWF is correctly made, then you probably need to add a <param> for scaling. Honestly I can’t remember which one off hand, but I think it’s;
<param name=“scale” value=“exactfit”>

Give it a try.

I think perhaps why it’s not working is that the CSS applying to that element is overriding the inline settings. So try removing this line from your CSS:

img, object, embed {
max-width: 100%;
[COLOR="#FF0000"]height: auto;[/COLOR]

That was it! Thanks so much!!! :slight_smile: