Discussion about Quality Content

hy to all.? i have issue related to my website content … i have 4 to 5 articles related to my niche and this is affiliate based site. when i search same niche keywords its shows in 2nd page but when i search related keywords which is seprate posts like under 1000 or under 500 but it doesnt show the post its shows main niche post. which is confusion for me? this is my website? https://tapweld.com
any body who can help to resolve this problem?

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What “problem” are you trying to solve exactly? And how is it related to a “Discussion about Quality Content”?

If you’re here asking “why am i not first page of Google”, the answer from most people is “because Google algorithm says so.”, and then follow up by telling you to use analytics tools to identify and resolve any issues. Some of them actually will link to proper authoritative sources, and most will just give you whatever rehash-and-reskin of semrush is flavorful this week. (Those people will be along in short order to get banned for spamming, i’m sure.)

A 30-second glance into the Wayback Machine tells me your site has existed for all of a month and a half. Are you… expecting google to A) index all of your content, B) have ranked it highly compared to other sites in the same niche, C) how many affiliates do you have, all in 1 month? You sure you can claim to be “affiliate based”?