Direct freelance content writing work

From where & how can i get direct international freelance SEO or non-SEO content writing work on PERMANENT basis and earn in DOLLARS / POUNDS without BIDDING or COMPETING but by ONLY SHOWING MY SAMPLE WORK?

How about creating your own website that is so well written and effective at selling your product, that it effectively sells your product?
If your skills can sell on the web, they will.

Hi SamA74, good idea but I do not have any product to sell except my writing.

… Btw, I would like to mention that I have decade+ experience in the writing industry, writing all types of contents for plethora of domains / niches. But sheer bad luck that I have not been able to get the breakthrough which, may be, I deserve. Anyways, I am interested in contents directly from US, Canada or UK companies, sites which would pay me by seeing my samples and actual live work.

I think that was @SamA74’s idea.

Create a website to showcase your writing skills. You can link to articles you’ve written for other sites, but you can also write short articles on any subject that interests you. The aim is to show your range and expertise in writing, so the subject is of secondary importance.

That will initially give you a portfolio you can refer to when applying for jobs, and hopefully help you become better known in your own right as a writer.

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