How / where do you find writers for your content?


I would like to learn how you find writers for the creation of your website content (if you don’t write everything yourself)?

Do you use the usual freelance writer marketplaces and what are your experiences with them?

On such platforms, while submitting a bid, one can choose which price per word is set - with an accordingly adjusted level of delivered text quality. But is it even worth one’s while to offer the lowest choosable word price, or is that pointless, because the texts produced are of (too) low quality, in that case?

Or which other ways to you use to find your freelance writers?

I am thankful for any tips and recommendations of also lesser-known ways and platforms where I could find (good) freelance writers!

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Hi @WebsiteLover welcome to the forums.

What sort of content are you looking for? I can’t imagine getting someone else to write content for my site. Many of the content writing sites I have seen don’t even seem to be able to write grammatically correct English. I can’t speak for those in other languages.

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Hi gandalf458,

thank you for your reply! It is “ordinary” content, so nothing special. I also heard bad things about such sites, but that is why I am posting my question … I have not given up hope to find some decent freelance writers … but how / where can I find them?

I imagine you could easily recruit content writers at a local educational institution. True, students probably have a lot to do keeping up with their studies, but I’m sure many would jump at the chance to earn some money.

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You can look through the forums and find copywriters that are ready for work. You can contact them in Skype for example and always be in touch.
Moreover you can use freelance websites, for example Fiverr. There are lots of writers there and you can choose the best one for you.

I am training them by myself.
Doing SEO mentorship for 7 years now and mentorship lasts for 6 months. In these 6 months it become pretty clear which of them I would like to have in my team, also in the future.