Where do i sell my articles?

I’m new to sitepoint,But i’m in no way new to article industry.So,i wanted to know which would be the best place on warrior where i could sell the articles written by me???

please provide me the link if you can.

thanks a lot

You can sell your work or your services as a writer in the SitePoint Marketplace. Buying, selling and soliciting isn’t allowed in the forums here.

WO!!!That stuff looks very expensive…thanks anyways

If your post is any indication of your writing skills, you may have a hard time selling your work. Not trying to be rude, just honest. Your grammar is very poor.

ha ha ha…i can understand you mate.Don worry.I’ll handle it myself.

A list apart is also a good place to sell your content providing your content has something to do with web design and web development.

buddy its not a warrior its sitepoint. you can sell article at flippa or any other site. By the way whats your budget ? and they copyscape protected?

Forums do good for selling content. I’ve bought tons and tons of unique writings from digitalpoint forums awhile back.

what type of articles do you write, Im in need of a regular write for one of my blogs

Please do not solicit/hire on the forums, use a private message.

You can sell it to blog owner

You can also put up a website or blog and promote yourself as an article writer. Do the usual SEO, you’ll have leads coming to you. On your website have testimonials from happy customers. The website will serve as your writing samples or you can add more.

Maybe you may try to sell your writing skills and articles on freelancers sites.

maybe try something like elance?

If you have perfect English, and good writing skills, sell it at Constant-Content. You can charge $100 for a 400-words article.
A less stringent site is Dailyarticle. You can charge according to the average rate in a particular niche.

If your articles are unique, the forums marketplace is a good place to start…also try with blogs or website owners. What kind of articles do you have? Whats your topic?