Digital marketing as a career

Which part of Digital marketing is best as per career point of view? I mean SEO, SMO, PPC which one is best?


The funny thing you may just use some affiliates and make money online without technical skills. What you love to do? Probably you will be a good copywriter or editor.

Yes, for now it is best option. But before you put your foot in this field, let me tell you that at some point of time you will be getting depressed as you should have new ideas every now and then to be successful. Side by side you should also get latest knowledge in digital marketing, you can’t keep on working with old knowledge which won’t be effective anymore.


First of all,you need to read about all parts and choose.
As I know,SEO and SMO: gain organic traffic for search engine platform and PPC used to gain inorganic one.

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For me all of this are best if you make yourself best in SEO SMO and PPC there are high chances of you getting recruited and also you’ll get to work on different field too.

Digital marketing is not that easy, no matter what course you choose PPC, SEO or SMO!

We are Ad network who work with different models like - CPM, CPC, CPA with several of ad models Pop/ push notification and banners.

there is no way to choose the best monetize for all our partners because you can hire from all of them together, digital marketing is best when you have some background of the industry, I would suggest you start your career when you get overviews of all this part, then you do more than a robot or machine

It helps to know what each field does. Here is an article asking how to choose the right SEO consultant. Look at the answers and see if you see yourself filling this kind of role:

This page gives the top 50 tasks an excellent SEO consultant will be familiar with. Are you up to the task of getting familiar with these?

Choosing digital marketing as your profession is an excellent choice as it is growing exponentially. I will recommend SEO as it is next step for advertising and marketing professionals but first analyze yourself, if you qualified for it or not:

  1. Want to learn SEO.
  2. Passionate about marketing.
  3. Excellent writing skills.
  4. Analytic and critical thinker
  5. Like to learn new things.
    Tell you what, you don’t need to be highly qualified for SEO, all you need is to use your logic, common sense and patience and it demand dedication.
    I wish what ever you choose, serve you best :blush:

Actually, Digital Marketing is the best career point. SEO, SMO, PPC these are the types of digital marketing. SEO and SMO is organic marketing and PPC is inorganic marketing. There is no way to choose a career point.

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As other said about organic and inorganic marketing. I experienced that If you are working with SEO, it needs patience. You have to keep patience and have to keep your work continue. So choose as per your Interest and working Ideas.

SEO and PPC will be best if you choose for a career point of view

As the OP seems to have lost interest, there is little point in continuing to offer advice.

Thanks to all those who contributed.

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