Which is best Today SEO or SMO?

I am assuming nowadays that probably seo is working as good as it has been in the past.
What do you think about this, i need your support regarding SEO or SMO to take decision that what should i do for my project SEO or SEM

Neither are any good. SEO is too competitive and the anti-SEO algorithms are too powerful; Social media will give you nothing unless you actually have the user interest and relationships to build a network organically and “optimization” will only hurt the quality of your presence.

SEO and SMO and the like are nothing but buzzword snake oil.

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”]SEO (Search Engine Optimization) may be a familiar by now, although that probably isn’t the case with SMO (Social Media Optimization).
You should know that SEO and SMO are both essential in ensuring a high ranking for your website on the major search engines.

SMO is one of the best way to inform the market place about the website or company.Numerous people find it quite interesting to promote through social medias. It aims to make a site easy to be read by individuals.It contains important content which is essential for maintaining reader’s interest. It’s virtual impact is the most effective technique in attracting client’s interest. It really gains popularity for the site.

SEO is based on search engine algorithms which keeps on updating at regular interval. It relies large part on title tags, headers, image title, bold text and proper keyword usage. It aims to make a site easy to be read for search engine. It places high priority on content quality and site structure.

Therefore, both methods are effective on making online business. And if you combine the two, you can reach your desired success in business.;)[/FONT]

I think you should engage both strategies. They play different roles for your site. To me, SEO helps in getting a lot of first-time visitors to my site while SMO is where I add value to my existing group.

Indeed - each carries its own purpose. SEO is more about brand awareness while SMO focuses on building brand equity.

Achieving good SERP placement is making your website visible in a sea of keywords and competition. SMO is really about engaging your audience and keeping them fixated on your brand’s agenda. They are complementary strategies and should be given equal attention, IMHO.

from my opinion PPC Advertisement is best when comparing to seo, smo as it give instant result and for other you need to wait long

Well both have there own advantages and niether can be overlooked over the other, because seo would get you better ranking and smo will ensure traffic if your application hold interest to the people out there…

i totally agree with cpa freak, as far as smo is concerned it has some media related features like share buttons, polling tools and also support the functionalities like images and videos and if we look towards seo, it improves the visibility of websites on search engines vis organic search results. so, both individually play a great role here.

To me,
SEO is trying to get a stranger visit your home.
SMO is trying to get your friends and friends of friends visit your home.

These two traffics should be targeted and treated in different ways (different landing pages, promotions …)

I think that’s a good analogy.

With SEO, you’re targeting people who are on Google and other search engines - they’re usually looking for something new rather than a site they already know about, so it doesn’t matter if they haven’t heard of your site or no-one they know has heard of your site - that’s how they find it in the first place.

But with SMO, you’re assuming you’re already past that stage. You can’t effectively market yourself on social media unless you’ve already got a reasonable following of people who like your site and are prepared to recommend it and spread the word.

SMO is one of the better way to world knows about the website or company. Also lot of people find it quite interesting to promote through social medias. That is the reason why it is gaining popularity.

SEO is based on search engine algorithms which keeps on updating at regular interval. This makes webmaster to keep themselves update from search engine algorithms.

Both the techniques are very handy in promoting websites and gaining ROI.

It cannot be one of the two, it has to be both!

When SEO marries SMO (we call it a perfect marriage), twins are born - High rankings and Huge traffic!

Google considers social media reputation while accrediting rankings. This means, the more presence you can give on the social media sites, the higher the chances that your SEO will progress.

In my opinion SEO is still the master class of optimization.

Social Media Optimization is something like a hype - coming out of nowhere and sometimes will go nowhere…

I suggest to focus on SEO and do some SMO, but let your focus on SEO.

Both are require. I really think that the two work together rather than separately. While SEO is no doubt effective but SMO is the best way for new websites and blogs to draw visitors.

SEO is Effective more than SMO.
Through SMO you can get only traffic, But Through SEO you can Rank Well your Keyword in Google!!!

To compare which one is better SEO or SMO, both have there own advantages,
Advantages of Search Engine Optimization

Targeted traffic

Works almost all niches

Long term traffic

Great Return on Investment (ROI)

High quality traffic

There's no need for a popular profile to get traffic

Advantages of Social Media Optimization

Quick traffic

Helps SEO in building backlinks

Increase popularity of website

Can create brand image of a website

No need to optimized the site structure for search engine spiders

Hope it will help you.