Different browser

please, i have built a sample of what i want my website to look like, still need wording correction , colour changing., but the problem is my homepage is not appearing good on other browser, ow can i change that please, but appears okay on safari as that is my primary browser

Seems like there is an issue with your header too (in Firefox). A script is missing?

When you say that it looks wrong - what do you mean? It looks the same on Firefox on the PC as it does on Safari on the Mac and IE on the PC.

Hover a cursor over the header image (slider I suppose?) with “reacheasy.co.uk” wording. The left part of the image becomes blank & the image moves to the right (Firefox, IE)

yes I got that too but it does it on every browser!!!
I figured it was a ‘design’ in progress thing :smiley:

Happens in Opera, too.

The problem is of resolution. try to set it from your personal pc.many time it happen when we open our site it shows half part of it.So before hosting check the resolution part.

I think, here’s the answer… it’s in your .css file. You have the link with top and left set to 0,

#bannercontainer a:link,#bannercontainer a:visited{
background:#eee url(img/pr.jpg) 0 0 no-repeat;

but look at the hover code:

#bannercontainer a:hover{
background:#eee url(img/pr.jpg) 400px 0 no-repeat;

That 400px is doing it I believe. It’s shifting 400 pixels right when you hover.

thanks, everyone, been off for unprecedented things
please i just started checking the site using different browser,i installed wine bottler,for ie 7 was working, the site seem a little bit in line , but the grey background , by the navigation is not there, can any one pont me in the right direction please
and the ie 6 wouldn’t load, while ie 8 would load and not browse.

I am also facing same problem. Some time happened that firefox is not working. If firefox is not showing content the try to use google chrome.

I think it will work fine.

That will not get it working in Firefox. You shouild test your page in all the major browsers and make sure it works correctly in all of them before uploading it to the web because you can’t control which browser your visitors will use.

thank you, i have am checking what i am building with ie 7, firefox, mozilla, opera, and it is getting ok