IE Issues! Please Help!


Having some major issues in IE!!! The site works great in Firefox, Chrome and Safar but then IE it looks like crap!!!

Here is a link, if someone could please tell me why it’s not working

Brisco Test

Issues in IE…
Where did my header and navigation go?
Why is the logo all the way over on the right side of the page?
What happened to my Slider its not displaying at all?

Only other issue I’m having is in the right column when bringing in Tweets in all other browsers except Firefox one of the links from the Twitter feed extends into the grey, minor issue but something that bugs me.



Which version of IE? There are 4 in common use, each quite different. Is this your own design, or a supplied template?

I don’t run Internet Explorer I’m all Mac based. But my girlfriend has IE7 and thats why it looks terrible in. Not sure about the others. Not too concerned about IE6 or lower.

It is my design/coding for all the HTML/CSS, using some jQuery plugins.

I dont believe the Javascript is causing any issues since it works in all other browsers except IE. Not sure how it works in IE8 as I do not have it.

**I used BrowserLab and appears to look ok in IE8 other than the person at the bottom being shifted over to the right way to far.

Hm, yeah, OK, IE8 looks OK to me, but big probs in IE7. Firstly, if you care about IE7 and below, you have no choice but to test as you go along. Only checking these things at the end is a world of pain, so get something like VirtualBox (free) of VMWare Fusion (commercial) so that you can run Windows on your Mac. It’s essential.

At a first glance, try changing the position:fixed on the title and menu to position: absolute, and set top and left position.

In general, I would avoid positioning as much as possible, though.

EDIT: OK, I see they need to be fixed. Try specifying their position explicitly, though, with a top and left position. It seems the browser doesn’t know where to put them.

Re the slider, I can’t tell why it’s not appearing. That’s why it’s best to test as you go along, so you can see where the problem starts.

I changed the logo and header to position: relative;

Even though its not exactly what I want as I’d like it to show up at all times even when scrolling may be best thing right now.

Now that I got that, seems like only thing that is messed up in IE 7 now is for some reason the mainnav is shifted way to the right.

** And of course my slider does not show up in IE7 still…

Almost got it now by using position: relative; got the mainnav over but you’ll see theres just a bit of a gap that I need to close on IE7 everywhere else it is good.

Then IE 7 is the only browser that the slider isnt working in according to BrowserLabs :headbang:

Yes, it’s OK in IE9, too. IE7 is the lone holdout.

IE7 is throwing a Javascript error, and it appears to be somewhere in the slider code. See attached screenshot.

For my own stuff, I’ve adopted a “close enough” standard for IE7. Given that the percentage of site visitors using IE7 is now down in the low single digits, it’s just not worth the heartache to try to make the page look exactly the same, pixel for pixel, in IE7. As long as it’s not really broken, I’m willing to put with things like little gaps.

Frustrating that it is not working on IE7.

On its way…

Thanks, yea not sure why the slider is acting up in IE7… Its the Nivo Slider and everything seems ok to me. Maybe I need to bring this issue to the Javascript section of the forum.

Still would like to get the nav to lineup correct in all browsers though.

I’m glad to say I solved the issue with the slider in IE7…

Turned out to be a comma in the script that should not of been there…

Now my only other issue is lining up the mainnav in IE7 then everything is good…

Still down the road will make the Brisco logo and header fixed at the top but for time being just need that nav to fit nicely like on all other browsers…

If someone could let me know how I can achieve that without it moving in all other browsers that would be much appreciated…

Thanks :slight_smile:

One other issue now as I build the site…

I’m having problems with my dropdown menu.

It’s there but you can’t see it, looks like its behind the images, how can I bring this forward so it can be seen.



*EDIT I believe it has to do with the height of my #header because I removed the slider and it still didnt show, tried putting in some overflow: hidden; but didn’t do anything, any help would be much appreciated…

*EDIT got the dropdowm menu to show but definetly does not look like it should, I’ve used this plugin in Wordpress for other sites with no problems, wonder why I’m getting this problem now lol