Browser problem with IE 8

Hello All,

I need help please I am testing my website through several browsers the website looks fine as I see it in dreamweaver when I tested with Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari but when I tested with IE8 it looks different, the png logo banner is pale blue, the text is much bigger and the links are all over the place on my bottom background.

Is there a way I can get IE to show the same as the other browsers.

Thanks in advance.

Helen :frowning:

We can’t help much without a link. :slight_smile:

But this is why it’s essential to test as you go. It’s much easier to fix things when the problem arises than later on.

Thanks for replying Ralph the website is tested on local host I shall send it online for viewing.


Hello Ralph and Everyone,

Please I need help with browser issue problems with IE.

My website link

I’ve tested in Safari, Opera, Firefox, Google Chrome all work well except IE the banner got a pale blue background and the slider gif don’t work. The bottom background the links are all scrambled.

Please guys could you have a look and tell me what’s going wrong.

Thanks in advance

helen :(((

I’ve just tested your site in IE8, and to be honest, it looks the same as in Chrome. Maybe you need to refresh your page / clear the cache etc.

On both browsers, the image looks too tall (sticking up above the blue container) and the images but up against the text on the right, so I’d say they are too wide as well.

I’m glad the site looks the same as Chrome it must be me because i’ve only just installed all those browsers to test the site on when I browse with IE8 I get a yellow bar at the top saying.

‘To help protect your security, Internet Explorer has restricted this file from showing active content that could access your computer. Click here for options’

I’ve allowed blocked content but I still see an ugly pale blue banner instead of the transparency banner.

I’ve also managed to decreased the width from the container but still having problem with the top part to make it fit inside the container. would appreciate some help how to make it fit, the original slider.png that fit in the container was transparency therefore one didn’t notice the top or bottom part sticking out as with my images.

I shall put the site in the critique section for some critiques.


The background image on the #slider div is not tall enough. It’s only 356px tall, whereas the images are all 365px tall:

#slider {
  background: url(images/slider.png) no-repeat 0 13px;

So just redo that image with a bit more height. :slight_smile: