Did i made the right decision?

Whats up guys?
I bought 3 domain names lately, 500$ each.
The domain names are:



I had some projects in my mind
1 - developing a desktop invoice manager software.
2 - developing a website marketplace system/script

The top domain names related to the above mentioned niches
were obviously taken so I bought the ‘B-plan’ domains.
Your feedback is highly appreciated,

IMHO, those would be worthless UNLESS they suit your business and are appropriate.



Get things up and running, then see what the return on your investment is.

Honestly, your guess is as good as mine.

Thanks for your replies but at this stage I would like to ask you about the domain names? Are they good? Can you remember them easily? I agree with you that I should work on building the website and see the result.


The domain names should have something to do with the content. While these names do nothing for me, if they suit your content, then you’re set.



I believe if you are luck of ideas you always can sell those domain names on the same or higher rates.
So far $500 per domain name is good deal. Just can’t get : why did you register domain name you you had no idea what to do with them?

To my mind $1500 is alot of money to spend on domains before thinking about suitability for the project.

I thought, you’re lack of plan in your business.
A right process should be like this:
1, determine your business
2, doing a keyword research
3, determine your domain name
4, plan the structure of your website

Good luck.

They sound ok. It doesn’t really matter anyway as long as you can start building them and make money from them. and 3 domains for $500 is actually a good deal. I think it’s pretty actually. I hope you have team members to help you with your projects.

Hello guys thanks for your replies.
In fact I had/have a project/plan in my mind.
I wouldnt spend $1500 just because I want to
buy some domains. As i mentioned in the first post:

I had some projects in my mind
1 - developing a desktop invoice manager software.
2 - developing a website marketplace system

Thanks for your reply. At this time im in the process of selecting a good web developer to help me build what I’ve got in my mind.

In terms of the domain names, I don’t know what uebsite means, but moreinvoices and billmenow are very clear and easy to remember.

Thanks creativityfuse, as regards to uebsite I think its somehow related with ‘website’ as in some languages ‘u’ is spelled the same as ‘w’ (website, work), its a ‘wordplay’ but however I liked the idea :slight_smile:

The last two arent bad. I could see them working for something. At the very least you can try and make them blogs and get some adsense income then sell them back.