Domain appraisal please

this is my first but i bought

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this is my first but i bought

Well done. But er, what exactly do you want?

this is my first domain name, i was wondering if you guys could tell me what its worth

It’s worth however much you payed for it, I’m afraid. If you bought it to re-sell it, you’re probably out of luck.

owell dont really care

Honestly, I think you could find a better “freebies” domain name that is available for registration. There is nothing wrong with, but it is probably not something that anyone would pay extra money for. But don’t be discouraged. The domain name market is still pretty good for resellers (just sold one for $2,000 this month). The buyers are just being more selective.

I agree…if you bought the domain for resale, you probably are out of luck. It wouldn’t be a bad domain to use for yourself to start a freebies site, though. I just don’t see anyone paying more than the price you paid to register it.

Good Luck!


appraise it urself with appraisal websites available

I have to say that is not easy at all to sell domain name at all.
Asking for appraisal of domain name you need to understand that there is no guarantee your domain name will be sold at the same high price.
That is the first stage and next day you will need to sell your domain name.
Selling your domain name you wll need to stick the idea to it.
Also you need have a marketing text explaining why this domain name is good.

I would say this domain name might worth low $XXX offers and that would be the best price for it.
Good luck.

Use that domain to show who’s giving out free stuffs in your surrounding or anywhere. if this can make the domain Popular then you can get good resale value for that domain.

heh try some domain appraisal sites to self appraise your domain rather depending on others suggestion

Those kind of sites working on automated scripts. And what would you do if you get appraisal for the domain name first for say $1000 and no one willing to pay more $50 for that.
I believe that appraisal work is time wasting in the most cases.

The domain name itself has a reg fee value in my view. Of course if you build the site into something of value to people, the value of the website itself will go up.

You can self appraise your domain instead of asking others opinion so that you can get a satisfying value.To know the appraisal values of your domain names you can appraise it at

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