How to achieve photoshop Sharp font effect in html/css?

Is there a practical way to achieve the sharp effect that photoshop provides? How can you get that affect in your html document? Any thought highly appreciated.


To me, your question is too vague. Photoshop produces images. Can you give an example of something that is “sharp” in PhotoShop but not “sharp” in HTML?

As I mentioned in my title, I’m talking about the sharp font effect. Sorry for making it too vague.

My misunderstanding, I’m sure. I had not heard of the “sharp font” effect and was just thinking about images in general. Sorry. Can you post an image that demonstrates the sharp font effect?

In the meanwhile, maybe someone who is familiar with this PhotoShop effect can jump in.

You can’t do anything like that with CSS. The best solution is to get a device with a retina display. Then all your fonts will look sharp. :slight_smile: it may make a difference what font you use, and there is text-shadow, but that’s about it.

Yeah I didn’t find any way to do it. Thanks for the confirmation.

There is some css3 text effects that give a sort of “sharp” effect, but it seems to be through the use of a subtle hint of drop shadow to make the font edges look sharp. Could that be what you are talking about? The text does look sharp that way.