Development Tool Advice

I’ve been using dreamweaver to code in (php) for years, I don’t utilize many of the features it is known for. Actually, what I mostly use it for is code view, preview every once in a while, and FTP.

Organizing sites, writing code, and then uploading all in one spot is nice however I feel I may be missing something from other development toolkits out there that have those couple features and more.

What does everyone suggest?
MIN req. would be php code highlighting, and FTP built in with site organization.

NetBeans :cool:

I used to use DW in a similar manner and have since tried Aptana, Notepad++, and Netbeans. The winner however is Coda.


I should also specify I use Windows 7.

I looked all over can’t find FTP option ?

This software does look pretty awesome though.

NetBeans for PHP has FTP, take a look :slight_smile:

They need to document that better in their help file :smiley:

Thanks, I`ll give it a shot,… and yep I got it for PHP :slight_smile: