What's best IDE for PHP


I am looking for an excellent IDE for PHP. I do not care if it is free or paid, the most important thing that it provides a nice environment for writing PHP codes. Can you tell me about some?


I vote for Editplus ,it is very easy for the newbie. What you familiar with,what 's the best.

I use DW because of the snippets panel. All of my code blocks are in there and it beats going to php.net if I don’t remember if a function has underscores or not. I only use code view, the wysiwyg is useless. I really like notepad++ if only it had snippets.

Modifying the code coloring in DW is easy enough and I hate auto complete so it is turned off.
My 2c

PHPEdit is nice, can use a lot of memory. You can step through code line by line to debug it and change values mid-execution (I think.) Also, Notepad++ is an excellent, lightweight editor.

i use NotePad++

I think that’s a very good piece of advice!
You’ll spend ages fixing those parse errors, searching for missing brackets etc., but in the end it’s the best way to learn the language.

As stated earlier, I use Notepad++. The only difference in the way I use it is that it allows the opening of multiple files at the same time and it has a syntax highlighter which is a great aid.

I’ve used Eclipse and Aptana, couldn’t get netbeans to run properly and have also used DW when I still used Windows. But the only reason I used Dreamweaver was that I liked it’s colour scheme for PHP :slight_smile:

Some of the best features I like about Netbeans (which I suppose other IDE’s worth their salt also have) is the pop up lists of possibilities you get as you type javascript DOM methods or PHP function names in your code.

These lists pop up for user defined PHP class methods as well which I find a big help.

Also, whenever you open up a css file or a js or php file containing multiple functions, all the css selectors or function names appear in an alphabetical order list in a navigation box. You can then simply double-click the css selector or function name and you get taken there immediately in the file editor box. No more scrolling up and down css or function library files looking for things.

There is also a Files window, similar to a Windows Explorer window in the OS which means you can move/delete/rename/copy files from within the IDE without going out to the OS to do it.

These are all little things in themselves but all add up to helping you work more efficiently. At the end of the day you still have to know how to code in html/js/php/css unless you (heaven forbid ;)) use the wysiwyg features in other editors :eek2: :tdown:

I also use Notepad++. It’s awesome :slight_smile:

I guess nobody uses notepad++ but me.

I prefer PHPExpertEditor
it’s small, highlights syntax, embedded web-server, has syntax checking , shows help by pressing F1 while pointer in the needed palce.

Currently I’m using phpDesigner and it works fine. Unfortunately it doesn’t support code folding and it isn’t free :wink:

Also you can try http://www.codelobster.com/ or http://www.jetbrains.com/phpstorm/

Downloading PSPad now, Thanks for that one.

PSPad is similar to np++ and it has snippets. (I have been experimenting with jEdit lately, though, because of stability issues with the dev version of PSP on Vista.)

Did you use Zend Studio? it it just nice or nicer? :smiley: … I think it’s probably the best IDE for PHP available as I have heared. However, I haven’t used it yet and do not know about its features. Can you explane your experience with it? :slight_smile:

Depends on your skill level. Eclipse is bad news if you are beginner cause it can let you get away with some truly awful habits. I have a code base in front of me that was dev’ed by noobs on Eclipse and the only way you can find most of the files is with CTRL-R. The file structure of the project is a mess. :nono:

If you are just starting out use notepad for the first 3 months. Yes, having things crap out on parse errors and simple mistakes is a pain, but it’s an important part of the learning process. Tools appropriate to the master aren’t good for novices.

That said I have used Zend Eclipse and Dreamweaver extensively. I would continue to use Zend 5 as I prefer it to the Eclipse edition, but 5 is showing its age (it does NOT like Windows 7 and would have to run in an emulator) and as of 7.2 the Eclipse edition has finally caught up (mostly) though I still find some it’s habits a pain in ass.

(For example, I code in strict HTML 4 most of the time. If I have a <br> tag I do not want a closing </br> tag because that is wrong.

So to cut it short, everybody have their own preferred editors - however, what about features such as:

  • syntax checking
  • project management
  • function / class list
  • code autocompletion
  • inbuilt tools such as (s)ftp / putty / php interactive shell available at a single click

I’ve used tools such as notepad++ years ago, the only ok feature it had was syntax highlighting, which is cool until the project you’re working on gets huge and you cannot remember all the things and where they are.

I’ve created websites without using Netbeans at all.

Then some time down the track if I want to use NB to make changes to any of the code in NB, I just created a new NB project using the “PHP application with existing source” option when creating a new project.

You can also make changes to php or whatever files originally created in NB in any text editor you like outside of NB.

You don’t have to make changes inside of NB.

Kalon, I mean you cannot just open a file and start coding, you need to have a project, and such.

I’m not sure what you mean by this.

You can open blank new files in Netbeans and put whatever code you like in it.

You can also create html, js, php, css files outside of Netbeans and then copy or save them to a folder in a Netbeans project. If you have NB open at the time, the new file you just copied will appear in your Files box and be added automatically to your project. If you haven’t got Netbeans open at the time, the new file will appear in your Netbeans project the next time you start Netbeans.

The one thing I don’t care for in netbeans is that you have to have everything in a project. You cannot just say give me some blank file and let me go.