Designing a management tool specific for web masters

Hello Everyone!

I am a student and I need help from professional web designers for opinions on what requirements is best for a software that caters the designing process.
One of my courses is Interactive User Interface Design and we are task to do a survey for our chosen project.
Please help me by filling out the survey. I promise it will not take a minute. And you do not even have to think deeply about it coz it is mostly buttons.

Here is the link:

Thank you for taking your time reading this post.

I promise to come back and tell you if we do get to design one.

Crossing fingers,

PS: if you could tell me some of the project management tool that you use, I would really reaaaaallly appreciate it. Good day! :wink:

There are many project management tools available but I personally recommend you to download free samples of Get Project Template.After trying them you can avail their services in efficient manner.

Thank you Jacob. I will look it up. I really appreciate the suggestion… Btw, pls answer the survey if you haven’t already.