Collaborative project management tools advice?

I couldn’t find much talk here about project management tools (basecamp, MS Project Online Essentials, etc). I searched the forums a bit, but I only found a lot of closed or light posts.

Do you all use anything similar? Todo lists, multiple users, assigning tasks, roles/titles, calendar, etc.

I was thinking all I’d basically need is a calendar app but with todo lists and multiple users. That’d be about it.


I can recommend Trello which has a lot of plugins and the best thing of all is it’s free!
We’re due to do a full trial of Trello at my work as we’re currently using MS Planner which seems to be really difficult to configure so it does the basics (e.g. notifications, assignments etc.)

In the past I’ve used Asana and found that to be reliable but if you have a sizeable team (e.g. 15+) then the free version won’t be viable and it’s a lot of money to upgrade to the full version. seems pretty good but again costs a fair bit for what it is - I think Trello would probably suit most needs and is worth a look if you haven’t worked with it before.

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Depends a lot on your team size, work use cases and working style.

The tools mentioned above are good ones, and will probably cover your needs.

We use JIRA at work, but we’ve got a larger scale multi-project need.

Oh wow trello looks good thanks. After I posed this my friend recommended Which is almost exactly what I described, and unlike basecamp it’s cheap. I’m getting into it now but thanks for the recommendation I’ll try out trello tomorrow instead thanks again,


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