Website Designing Proposal


help me please. anybody have web designing proposal please give me. i have need urgently.

What does that mean? It’s not clear what you are asking.

Thanks for your reply. I have to need a web designing proposal send to my client, That’s why I have need it urgently. I hope now you will understand.

But it’s not clear what you mean by a “proposal”. What are you picturing? What are you trying to do? If you want to bid for a job, write your own proposal based on the job at hand.

Yes i want to bid.

OK, but we don’t know what the job is, or what it involves, so how can we provide you with a bid? Are you looking for advice on how to structure it?

I know that how to make it. But I haven’t time for make it that’s why I am searching here. Well thanks for your kind help :slight_smile:


If you haven’t got time to put in the bid, how are you going to find time to develop the website?

It looks like you are asking for some sort of off-the-shelf, ready-made proposal than you can simply send to the customer. That won’t work. A proposal is your suggestions for how to create the site, your estimates of time and cost, and your terms and conditions for doing the work. We can give you general advice for how to write a proposal, but only you can know the details of what it should contain.


thank you very much for your suggestion. I created it my self.