Web Design Proposal templates or Example


I am trying to find a good web design proposal example to get an idea how I should create one for myself. Do you know where I can find it. I do not think Sitepoint has a book with examples.

Erik Diamond

Sorry do you mean like a pitch to a client?

Yes. Professional looking proposal example.


There’s a great one in Brendon Sinclair’s “The Web Design Business Kit” available right here on SitePoint.

I have that book, but its not good enough.

I finally found a proposal example from my brother. But it is from 2advanced Studio that I don’t think I should reveal their example. Their proposal for my brother’s company is too long and too fancy. What I seek is simple proposal with thumbnails of your work. Simple one.

Sorry I thought I had sample sample to post here but I dont think I do.


I previously PM’d Erik with a couple of web design proposal templates I’ve made available to download for free, but thought others might find these useful as well:


BTW Erik, I’ve dressed them up a bit more than what you saw when I sent you the link.

Thank you Ruben!

My question for you is, when my client accept the proposal. I need to create a contract for them to sign. What dos the contract looks like? Or is it something that they can sign at the bottom of the proposal?

Thank you,


@erikdiamond - Not a problem!

Some people include it as part of the proposals, others leave it until later when they really dig into the project details. The important thing is to have them sign something at the proposal stage, even if you’re not going to give them the detailed contract at that point.

I’ll send you a PM and send you a copy of a contract so you can see how that differs. I’m somewhat hesitant to make one available for download as it’s always recommended that you hire someone to draft one up for you. Every business is unique and every project differs. Not only that, but laws differ by state as well. Just something to keep in mind.

Thank you, I did not realize that we need to create contract seperately sometimes. I like to see a sample of it to get an idea. Thanks,