Cue open/save dialog on pdf link?

I know this is probably a dumb question… but I had some pdf’s linked, and they used to cue an open/save dialog box when you clicked them, but now when you click them it automatically opens the pdf in the current window.
Can someone tell me if I need to link to the pdf in a different way to offer the option to save OR open?
Thank you!

It depends upon the user’s browser settings but you could try to force specific actions, i.e. ‘forced’ download via server side script and so forth. Though usually it is no worth the extra hassle.

The answer to the question is just provide the ‘standard link’ and let your visitors choose themselves since it’s their browser so they can decided how they want it configured.

thanks! The difference actually WAS in the browsers I used… I see it prompts save in Firefox, just opens in Safari… I honestly never noticed the difference with browsers before, good to know. Thank you!