Opening PDF's


I’m hosting PDF files on one of my websites, but in opening them up by clicking on the link, a white screen appears with no download. This doesn’t happen to me when using FF, but does using Safari. However, I can download other PDF’s on websites by clicking on the link, and they open fine.

How can I fix this on my website? I thought it would be a browser issue, but it can’t be the browser if the issue doesn’t occur on other websites just mine.

Any help is appreciated.

What code are you using for the link?

If you provide a link to the page, we can test it out.

It sounds like a MIME type conflict or plugin/helper application issue/setting.

Like was said the best solution is to give a live example so someone else can recreate this issue or spot any possible glitches.

Well Safari doesn’t have the BHO or plug-in’s that IE, FF and Chrome have. Internet Explorer has the helper object which launches reader, Firefox has a plug-in which handles the mime type and Chrome is linkable through Google Docs to read the PDF. My guess is his server isn’t handling PDF properly or it’s just Safari. :stuck_out_tongue: