Opening files from browser

Good day,

I have two computers, both with Windows 7 and Office 2010.
When I try to open Office or PDF files from websites using browers, one computer opens a dialog box prompting for open, save or save as, while the other go directly and ask for save as.
Same behavior using Internet Explorer and Chrome.

Could you please let me know which parameter controls what browsers do when requested to open an Office or PDF file from a website?

Thanks a lot!!

I’m not using Windows at the moment, so I can’t check exactly, but there should be a setting under Edit>Preferences (or something similar) in any browser that allows you to specify default behaviour.

Thanks …
I have reviewer, but unfortunately didn’t find anything.

Any other suggestion please??

I think what Tech Bear meant was preferences in your browser. You may also need a plug in.

for example on FF on Mac,

you go to FIREFOX > Preferences ( options on PC) > Applications ( you will get an alphabetical list of file types… scroll down to ‘Portable Document Files’ on the right click the description on the right of that and your available choices will be shown in a drop down menu)

[FONT=verdana]Yes, this is a browser setting.

In Firefox, for example, you go to Tools / Options / Applications, then select the type of document you are interested in. You can then specify that the document is to open in the browser, in some other application, or that you are prompted for the choice each time.

I’m not so familiar with the other browsers, but they presumably have a similar setting.

In the case of PDFs, your PDF reader might also have a relevant setting. For Adobe Acrobat, for example, go to Edit / Preferences / Internet, and select (or de-select) “Display PDF in browser”.