CSS font issues while migrating from IE6 to IE8

I’m currently migrating my existing application which runs smoothly in IE 6 to IE 8. While doing so I noticed that the font appearance is different in both the browsers. For example the button names are looking some what bolder in IE 6 than how it appears in IE 8. Also the font of the content inside a grid are not alike. I tried changing the font properties. However it is of no use. Is there a definite solution for this problem? Or is this a bug in IE 8? Can someone please shed some light on this.

Can somebody shed some light in this??? Got any idea about this???


Usually it’s the other way around and text looks thinner and fainter in IE6 than it does in IE7/8. There will be small differences.

You can read up on various font rendering here.

We’d need to see your live page to give more specific advice.

Yeah you are correct Paul. Font inside a grid appeared like how I had mentioned. I understand the fact that the text which are rendered in IE8 are more richer than that of IE6. Is there a way to make the text look exactly like how it appears in IE6…


Yes, there is :slight_smile:

Don’t use a DTD and make IE render in quirks mode :lol:

But, seriously, this one should be framed (no offense msrajesh):

And all this time we thought nobody will miss IE6 :rofl: If Microsoft were not amongst those strongly advising on IE6 burial, the above would’ve made for a very good propaganda.

Thanks for the intel.
But how come I can fix this by not using the DTD. Besides I’ve tried to render IE in Quirks mode too… However no luck.

It was never about providing you with a “fix” :wink:

You are approaching this the wrong way. If you had specified your own font settings in CSS, there is nothing you can do. Fonts will look different across browsers, no matter what you do. Unless you want to make all your pages from images or flash.

Quirks mode is a way to solve a past problem. A past problem for you should also be IE6. So, when you’re saying “how can I make the better present look like old past” you are making a fundamental mistake.

You should ask your self this instead: “How can I make IE6 look like IE8”. Get it? :slight_smile:

Okay then… Thanks for the info…