Need some IE8 help with my site

Hello. I have been working on a project for a client and my site looks like a hot mess in IE8.

I have it working just fine in IE9, Safari, Chrome and Firefox but IE8 is a disaster.

Wondering if you have any quick thoughts and tips about what I should add to my style sheets to help correct all my IE8 issues (particularly with the menu and header spacing and the web fonts I am using not showing up properly).

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.



First of all IE8 is total crap. Second, IE8 doesn’t support importing/using your own fonts. I would generally recommend not to bother with making a website work on IE8 but in your case you have to. So there are two options. First you can try to make your html code cross-browser compatible but apparently you haven’t managed to do so and you probably won’t succeed any time soon. So you can discard this option. Second, you can create a version of your website specifically for IE8. In that case you are going to detect what browser the user is using using JavaScript and then serve the appropriate version of your website.


Just had a quick look and it looks like you are using media queries to style the content but IE8 doesn’t understand media queries.

You might want to give IE8 its own rules via a conditional stylesheet or use something like [URL=“”]respond.js to give basic media query capability to IE8 and under.

For your custom fonts upload them to font-squirrel and use the code and files that it generates. You can find more on the new bulletproof [URL=“”]syntax needed here.

Just for your information in the future. IE supported custom fonts with the “@font-face” declaration well before IE6 (introduced in IE4 1997), in fact Microsoft created the “@font-face” declaration for use in IE. The only deal is, when it was created fonts had very strict licensing agreements, to avoid legal issues, using standard font files was not supported. Thus we have the EOT font format.

IE 8 is really a pain in ass:)

I recommend you write a specific css for ie8, using conditional comment as Paul said, java script is okay, or as I am using Modernizr to detect IE8.

about font, just upload your font to fontsquirrel as Paul said, it would work.