CSS doesn't seem to work on 1st page load

On page http://www.vecon.cl/Obras_Ejecutadas.aspx the picture gallery doesn’t seem to work fine on 1st load. But when right clicking on “Inspect element” inside Chrome it suddenly works. The issue is also on Firefox. IE and Opera are fine.

Looked fine for me on Firefox 27. However, the load performance of the page is terrible. Took me 25 seconds to load that page here in the USA. Also tested it using tools.pingdom.com. Are you sure you are waiting until everything loads?

I was wrong as far as Firefox is concerned, it’s loading up fine. Still the issue is with Chrome

As far as speed is concerned 25 seconds is really too much. Not sure if it’s due to my website or as it is hosted here in Chile. I’ll see with Pingdom to see if it is permanent or if it was a temporary glitch.

Just tried to load again in Firefox, would not load. Hit refresh button, loaded but showed pictures incorrectly as in your first example, then after a few seconds everything appeared normally. It may be that a file is not being downloaded properly.

It took a while, but it eventually looked fine in latest version of Google Chrome after giving it enough time to load and process Javascript and also closing that annoying bar asking if I want to translate the page. I usually do not use Chrome.

You will have to fix your load problems.

Cheesdude, I really appreciate your input.

Well, most of my users are with Chrome so I have to fix this error.

Perhaps my loading problems from an issue with a font not found on the server that I need to track down why as it really is on the server.

For the CSS issue I fixed it forcing the height, not what I wanted but it helped

It may have nothing to do with the issue but its always worthwhile ensuring that the images have their width and height attributes in the html (even if you are over-riding them with css). The browser needs these dimensions so that it can lay out the page without waiting for the resource to load while it caries on painting the page with css. It also avoids the re-jig of the page effect once loaded. Modern browsers are pretty good but I still see instances where pages are drawn incorrectly because the resource wasn’t loaded before the page was drawn.