This pg never finishes loading

in safari and chrome (mac) the content gets cut off, it looks like in those browsers the page never finishes loading (judging by status bar at bottom of browser window… it just says “waiting for…” actually even in FF, where the content loads fine, at the bottom it always says “waiting for…” and the little “loading” wheel in tab keeps turning… this is not the first time something like this happens, what causes this pls…)

not sure this is a css thing, but if not, not sure what it could be (both markup and css validate…)

thank you…

there’s a prob w/my site now, getting 502 error… :frowning:
I guess question then is moot for now…

ok, site back up… problem mentioned in my orig post persists…

thank you…

It finishes loading absolutely fine for me, but it does take a long time - because it’s downloading over 4MB. It’s downloading all images straight away, rather than only downloading them as and when it needs to. I hate this kind of image gallery - for a start, there’s massive bandwidth usage, and in most cases it will be more than you need, because not everybody will want to look at every image - for a second, visitors have to cycle through all the images, without any indication even of how many there are and how far through they are, let alone having thumbnails so they can home in on the ones they’re interested in.

There’s a good reason why thumbnail galleries that only load thumbnail pictures initially are widespread - it’s because they are a much better option both technically and for usability.

Nice photos. It does finish loading for me in FF and Chrome. I disagree that loading all the images is a bad thing, to me that’s just precaching. It would be nice to see some indication of progress through the gallery though, perhaps with a little bar of thumbnails at the bottom.

oh brother… you know, I had that prob w/my own photosite (which albeit is a lot larger,, until I was finally convinced by some people to load just each photo per page… the thing is in my site I do everything from the back-end, all content is loaded dynamically; this other site is for a friend, hosted at godaddy (don’t ask…) don’t even know if there are any back-end capabilities there (maybe php?) but either way, this is a favor, I don’t have the time to get into a whole back-end trip w/this thing… maybe I just need to load pgs dynamically w/JS? instead of loading individual photos load individual pgs? I really really hope I can do this with the jquery cycle plugin I’m using for the slideshow (esp since she will be adding more photos soon…)

as for the design, she’s emulating design of a photosite she saw she liked (which doesn’t have the “indication of progress” thingie you mention (u mean sthg like this, no?, this is from cycle plugin example, I added the “indication of prog” imgs at the bottom); I also tried to convince her that nav on the right, stacked like that, is a very bad idea, she wanted nav at the bottom, but it didn’t work b/c photos are of diff heights, I told her put nav on top, but she didn’t like that… (photosite she’s emulating nav was at the bottom, but photos are all same height…)

actually it had nothing to do with the slideshow (last year I built this one,,
with lots more images (and larger images) and photos load fine in all browsers…

instead it was a very very stupid thing on my part: because this was kind of a temporary thing and wasn’t sure yet what line-up of photos would be, I had neglected to include img-dimensions for the photos… and that’s all it was…:wink: