CSS background not loading at first, Firefox


I have noticed something strange with Firefox. I have background images like this on my website www.domain.com:```

```(file is PHP) Next day I visit my site: the image shows blank, all images in image tags are loaded not CSS. I need to reload the site to show up images or just visit it the second time.

Is the code wrong or is this again one of the many Firefox “nonsense” CSS bugs.

Thank you!

Hi there tosta,

I get a 404 for your image in all my test browsers. :scream:


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That is not your domain, so your link is useless. Please give the correct url if you want us to check the issue you describe.

Hi there tosta,

this link, though…


…is a 1x1 pixel white image. :sunglasses:

So your “background-image” could simply be
replaced with “background-color: #fff. :mask:


1x1 px images make me think of tracking images…

The code on that 404 page is equally strange.

We need a real, working, full URL to your page.

Sorry for the trouble, Yeh this “domain” name is just an example, I can not provide a real public URL, the image was huge header image and little profile pic, like Facebook profile page. The white background thing was good remark, but yeh that wasn’t the case this time.

I have seen even more strange behavior(in the past) that existed only for one specific user using Firefox, so this is probably a Firefox individual bug that I managed to activate over time(google chrome and IE are working always nicely). Refreshing your browser makes it all good even for bugged Firefox, it rarely happens.

Thank you all

So what is the point of your posts?

How can we test your assertions of a Firefox bug if we do
not have the code that allegedly produces it, for us to test?

My guess is that there is no Firefox bug, just an oversized
dose of poor coding lurking somewhere in the document. :scream:



example.com and example.org are reserved for use to use as example domain names - domain.com is a real site that belongs to someone and so should NOT be used in forum questions other than by the actual owner.


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