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So if you CSS Gurus ever wander out of the CSS Forum you may have seen my other threads: JavaScript Books Help and HTML / XHTML Books Help. I have my JavaScript books and I’m waiting for my HTML Mastery book to arrive. Now to complete my learning of Front-End Web Development I want to master CSS 2.1 :wink: And I’d like your help, please!

I’m not looking for beginner books on CSS because I wouldn’t call myself a beginner. I’d say I’m pretty fluent in CSS 2.1 - I can hand code a CSS 2.1 WC3 valid stylesheet in Microsoft Notepad but sometimes I’ll load up Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 to see what properties are available as I don’t know all of the properties off by heart, some I use more often then others but I’d like to master CSS 2.1 too.

I’m really looking for books that are going to help me refine my skills and knowledge on CSS 2.1 only, rather than generic books on HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I’m looking to buy no more than 5 books. I already own some CSS books but I guess I’m asking for your own list of CSS specific books that you’d recommend as the only book you need for mastering the language.

Below is a list of the books I currently own and below that list is a shortlist of books I’ve found on Amazon.co.uk that I think would be helpful to me, but I want your feedback please.

Books I Currently Own

My Shortlist

I’m a bit iffy with some of the books because they’re a good few years old and we’ve had Internet Explorer 7 and 8 come out since they were published including other new Web browsers, so I’m really looking for the most up to date CSS books, preferably without CSS hacks and the like. I know they can’t please everyone but I couldn’t care less about IE6, I don’t support it so I’m not looking for the biggest and best CSS Hacks. Is there something missing from that shortlist that I absolutely must buy if I hope to be a CSS pro? Or is there a book or two that absolutely must go?!

Help is greatly appreciated here! :slight_smile:

Andrew Cooper

It seems to me you’re pretty good covered on the books front. But i don’t think there’s 1 fit all and everything book out there …

Instead of another book i would recommend to hang out here and post questions, doubts … here. My experience is that you’ll get a quicker in depth vision here then from any book out there :slight_smile:

To be honest I don’t hav a single book on web design. I leraned purely from visiting forums and frequenting them. :). I believe that’s the best way. Though I’m biaseed. I like the results ;). And it’s cheaper

Some of my suggestions you already have (or have listed), but I can vouch for all of the following…

CSS Mastery - It’s basically HTML Mastery, cept aimed at CSS (and it’s a great read).
The Zen of CSS Design - It’s full of great examples and a lot of awesome design tips.
Eric Meyer on CSS and More Eric Meyer on CSS (Their example focused, but very useful if you learn from others code).
Bulletproof Web Design & HandCrafted CSS (it’s sequal) -The first book is more HTML focused but still great.
CSS Anthology - Probably one of SitePoint’s best books on best practices within web design.

  • Still trying to find my copy of Eric Meyer on CSS. That was my first.

  • Balance, I figure. Books are great for learning, but because of standards and change, having a web background for knowledge is imperative. Especially with the current decade that we’re getting into and Web 2.0. Blogs and forums can’t rule out books, but they’re great for extending knowledge. Sharing is caring btw.