What is the very best one CSS book?

The best/ultimate one CSS book?

That include all or at least almost the latest CSS topics in that book?

Thanks in advance.

“The Ultimate CSS Reference” - http://www.sitepoint.com/store/the-ultimate-css-reference/

It’s a great reference book, though it doesn’t include the CSS3 stuff.

There are lots of good books … and it’s unlikely any one can be considered best. Each one offers something different, for different kinds of people. I would recommend you look them up in Amazon and read the reviews. That’s how I work out which books would suit me better.

@felgall ;

Okay I will try to buy that book.


It’s out of print these days but the whole reference is available online here. It was one of the best resources around (even if I say so myself) but it is a little out of date now. The basics though are still important and relevant but all the new CSS3 stuff is missing and modern browser support is out of date.

Mind you that’s the problems with all reference books as things in this industry are moving quickly these days and by the time a book comes out its already out of date. I would say the best idea is to learn the fundamental basics well and then just keep abreast of current practices through places like Sitepoint, blogs, tutorials etc. There are many great sites around (like Sitepoint) that keep all this new information pumping put.

Sitepoint’s learnable may be a better option than spending money on one book.

If you do a search of the CSS forms for books you should find a lot of recommendations as the question is often asked as to which book is best.

The best book I ever bought was Eric Meyers Programmers Reference CSS 2.0 (circa 2001) and it was basically a reference book of all the css properties. It was not a tutorial as such but just a list of what the properties were and how they should work. I read that book for years as every time I got a better understanding of CSS I could look back into the book and say “Oh yes” I understand now.:slight_smile:

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Thanks for the info.