CS5 for editing Web Pages

I was wondering if I really need Dreamweaver if I already have Adobe CS5? I just want to change color themes and upload slide shows created in Bridge CS5.

I am interested in using the Yahoo E Commerce Templates and Modifying them some to look more professional. The Yahoo Business Solutions says you can use a thrid party editing software for HTML.

I am not a web designer by any means but built one already on yahoo. It is very limiting hence my reservations for the E Commerce version. However, they seem to have all the tools I need to get up and running quickly.

Can someone share some insight to this?

Hi Flavormaker. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

There are many, many code editors and FTP clients (tools for uploading to the web) other than Dreamweaver, and many of them are free. So no, you don’t need Dreamweaver at all … though if you already have it, it’s quite a good tool (if used judiciously) so there’s no reason not to use it, either. :slight_smile: It really depends on what you need to do. :slight_smile:


I think that if you want to modify existing templates, like changing colors and other basic stuff. You definately do not need dreamweaver. Any good code editor will work, and there alot of free ones that you can find with a simple search on google. Something to make note of though, is that dreamweaver has syntax highlighting in its code editor, and in if you make a syntax mistake, it will highlight the error/line.

I actually do use dreamweaver, and quite honestly i know almost nothing about the program. The reason i use it is because of the syntax highlighting in the code editor. Its’ ftp system is very slow, so i use FireZilla which is a free ftp client.

If i had to go out and buy dreamweaver, would i?

Heck no… I got CS5 Design Premium as a gift… So i use it :slight_smile:

Check this link out, it should provide you with a bit more understanding on the matter: http://coding.smashingmagazine.com/2009/02/11/the-big-php-ides-test-why-use-oneand-which-to-choose/

Personally, I think the only thing you can learn from Adobe is how NOT to build websites – and if you are relying on WYSIWYG tools to do ANYTHING, you’re drawing pretty pictures NOT making useful accessible websites. This is particularly true of the garbage vomited up by goofy tools like Bridge/inDesign, which on the whole have little if anything to do with web deployable content.

My advice is to go get yourself a free text editor-- any of them will do; notepad2 (what I currently use), editplus, notepad++, win32pad, text wrangler – the list is endless… take the time to actually learn HTML and CSS so you have some clue what you are actually outputting and how to build fast, accessible sites, and then use a simple free FTP client to get it onto a server. (Filezilla good as any).

You don’t need any big expensive tool, and as I’ve come to determine the past decade, the more expensive the tool the worse the quality of whatever you make in it… MOST such software simply tricking people into thinking they can build useful websites, when they can’t.