Dreamweaver Recommended

Hi Again all. Have gotten a new freebie client on board to get my portfolio up to speed. I am now of the opinion that I need to start investin in some software. Dream weaver seems to be the in thing, anything has to be better than using editor all the time right?!:slight_smile:

Yeah, I have seen everything DW does in another, cheaper or free piece of software. Never all in one place though I admit.

Seriously, like bluedreamer said, search. Dozens of editors for all requirements and budgets…

As others have said

Please Search using the vBulletin Advanced Search and SitePoint’s [URL=“http://search.sitepoint.com/”]Advanced Search

DW is kind of expensive. But yeah, search the forums. This has been discussed many times!

Try some editors before you spend the money on DW. In many cases it really won’t help you in your work.

There are dozens of code editors that suit every need and budget and this topic has been discussed numerous times, have you tried search these forums for some answers?