Can you edit Dreamweaver in other Web Software?

I am starting on a project. After I am finished my client wants to edit the website. I am creating it in Dreamweaver. He is going to want to edit it in another web design software. This sounds like a disaster waiting to happen? Can a Dreamweaver web pages correctly be edited in another web design application? Anyone have experience in this area?

You sir, just made me shed a tear - go to the corner and think about what you’ve done. :frowning:

And yes, html/etc pages are not dreamweaver exclusive. It’s best, for the business, that you do not label it otherwise. It’s a newbie mistake.

It’s a WYSIWYG editor, not actually a text editor.

Yes, You can edit the content done in dreamweaver from other tools. no need to worry.

Just to add… I too have started a project (php based social network) and I have little knowledge in either PHP or HTML but upon trying some visual editors such as DW, the code is so darn messy and dealing with integrating the PHP and other aspects, such as JS, so confusing, that I have started just manually coding what I can (lots of Google searches for different tags, etc.!). I still have a group of pages that I used Coffee Cup to generate, but I am in the process of changing them over because of the cluttered and hard-to-understand (at least by me) code.

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I’m working with Dreamweaver and In several occations websites later needed to be edidited in another program. Like said before, DW is a HTML editor so yes you can use other programs. They maybe don’t have all functionalities DW offers but that is your client’s problem :wink:

Be nice. :slight_smile:

Like with all WYSIWYG editors, the main problems occur as a result of using the visual editor elements rather than the code view… the concerns I would have in respect to clients would be that the carefully crafted code I produced would get mangled when they use an editor (with perhaps less knowledge as to HTML et al) which produces unsemantic code (valid or otherwise) to just make things fit. If you’re the one using the visual editor, then I would say your doomed from the offset as the kind of code that Dreamweaver produces (while better than many other editors) is pretty nasty - if you’re as much of a purist as many on this forum (myself included) are when it comes to caring for your code. Simply put - code is code and will work in any editor - but how it’s produced is another issue. :slight_smile:

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As others have said, if you use Dw in code view only, and use standard html, css etc markup, then all the files and folders being used by Dw can be opened up in any code editor. They are just normal files and folders on your computer. But if you are using Dw-specific functions, such as Libraries or whatever, which place proprietary code into the markup, then those parts of the pages won’t work in any other code editor.

No, DW is just a text editor which has the facility to show you what the page will look like online (actually, it has its limitations and what it renders is not always true). It has to write code in the same way otherwise the pages would not work (although it writes some code that is not W3C compliant, if that bothers you).

If you go to the source code by clicking on the tab at the top of of the document and copy it, then paste it into a new document in whatever programme the client is using, it should work perfectly.

It depends if DW is using specific code snippets or DW templates, etc. Obviously they are likely to be ignored; within another plain text editor, you can edit all regions, which in DW are sometimes locked/disabled, etc.

Thus if you are using Dreamweaver specific items they won’t function but regarding “normal mark-up” it shouldn’t matter one iota as to which plain text editor you use.

html, js, css, php files are all plain text files. Unless dreamweaver does something different, it should be no problem. But I’ve never used dreamweaver, so who knows.

Yep that sounds like a distater waiting to happen.

DW is just a code editor, like many others, so yes you can edit a file made in DW in any other code editor.