Crowdfunding Script ideas - Help

I thought id try and get some more info and hopefully help people who are looking for crowdfunding scripts.
I had a customer come to us with a out of the box solution crowdfunding site for wordpress, however this ended up being a pain for customisation and the customer wanted to many features.

I then unfortunatly bought GuruScripts Money executive script, this was supplied to us of which after several days we realised none of the backend worked in core files, there was no withdraw funds, cms pages were limited, emails were not sent or even created and what code was supplied was only 70% complete and has thousands of referances all to guruscript as well as major spelling mistakes throughout the code. after all support email were ignored we had out bank do a reverse charge. SO Please dont waste your money on this!

I then hired a freelancer who was to fix the script and after 10 days he backed out with no warning or explination. ( however this could have nothing tomdo with the work, as he wanted payment via western union before work had even started)

I am now however looking at, although i will want major css changes the core functions look like what i need, Has anyone used this script, is it supplied and useable?
I am pretty handy at PHP and CI, but dont want to have to fix broken scripts if i dont need to or id go the open source option?
sorry for the long post but Help would be appreciated as im running out of time and need to get this done, and coding from scratch isn’t an option now!!!

Hi, I am trying to set up a crowdfunding site too, using an out of box solution and although cant really advice on programming, i have been looking at a few options.

Thanks for pointing out the Guru Money problems as that was one I was actually considering! Ill stay away now

Have you seen SF Platform from Agriya or I have just come across this for wordpress, but dont know how good either are to be honest!

Do you have any advice on a good script to use?


We bought the Wordpress one, it had very limited functionality and was very hard to customise, into a nice looking site, and we are web developers.

The Agriya looked pretty good but was just to expensive without knowing what you were getting.

We ended up taking a chance on fundraising, just the basic script for $350, I can honestly say that they were fantastic, they updated the script to work with 5.3php and being developers they didn’t much like us hanging over their shoulders on Skype whilst the bugs were ironed out of their first update but they were great about it? One of the staff in is The US and the other in India, so most hours of the day were covered.

This script performs better than any other script I have tried to our surprise, the demo is so basic but to give you a idea our site is about to go live and you can view it on our test server to see how far it can be developed.

We are soon going live and really am impressed with this script. So I can honestly recommend them from what we experienced.

Thanks for that, I was close to purchasing the wordpress one.

DO you have a link for the script you purchased and is it customisable in terms of both graphics and adding additional functionality?

When is your site launching? :slight_smile:



The wordpress one was ok, it just was so limited and not easily customisable.
The script we bought was the basic package from here

It was easy to customise, and if you know php code you should be able to do this fairly easily, one downfall was they have encrypted the model files, although we havnt had to actually enter these files yet.
Should you have the need you could just have someone decrypt them, its built for ioncube with codeignitor files.
If you see the demo, and then our site you can see we actually made some major changes, and it was fairly easy to do, make sure they give you the upgraded version of codeignitor files when you purchase, then add them to skype so if you have any trouble you have live help.
We had several bugs, as we were the first trial of the upgraded version, the cron jobs were not running properly, the projects were not switching to sucessfull because the cron job was not returning the info, all our other problems were more little annoyances and we just fixed them ourselves.

As to our launch date, as we are web development company, we actually customised and edited this script for a client, as the paypal adaptive feature requires verified paypal and an app to run he is waiting for paypal to finish and send the info before we launch, you could ofcourse just use the built in wallet feature and launch straight away but my client chose to wait until paypal had done its thing, should only be a week or so now.

All in all i can reccomend this script , They charge $100 for sencond licenses and $ 20.00 per hour for paid customisations, but if you know php you should be able to work this out fairly easily and do the work yourself.

If you decide to go with this script or another send us a link id be intersted to see what you managed to do with it, we will be adding many more features like geotagging and featured users and such in the next little while.

Good Luck

Thanks once again for the message and link, some really helpful points in there which I keep in mind when I get started. Really appreciated :slight_smile:

Will let you know once I get something up that you can look at.

Regards, :slight_smile: