I'm begging for money!

I just converted one of my websites to an encrypted site (https) and would like to create page where I can sell things, solicit donations, etc.

The next step is to find a script that automates the process. There must be a million scripts and tutorials online, but I’m not sure exactly how to search for the best ones. I wondered if anyone here had any recommendations.

I work mostly with PHP, but I also have jQuery on my site. I kind of like the contributions scripts on these campaign websites…

Uno | Dos

I’m not endorsing any candidates, which is why I call them Uno and Dos. I like the second one a little better because it includes PayPal, not just credit cards.

So what are some good options? I’d don’t have the skills to implement a really sophisticated script, but it might be worthwhile to pay for something like this - to make sure I get it right.


Are you saying you want a cart on your site? There are hundreds of options. Something like Stripe is a nice one. It really depends how sophisticated you want it to be, but you can use fairly cheap options that do the whole lot for you.

You can also search for free magento script I ma new user maybe I cannot post links I m not even trying to put any link right now so you just go to Google and search for Magento script and themes , I know you will find the script and run it, Best of luck !!

Adding Magento to the site looks like overkill if all that’s wanted are a few buttons. PayPal offers simple options including “Donate” buttons (although I can’t link, as they seem to be offline at the moment…)


Ah, that’s the search term I should have been using - “cart.” Typing “money” into Google doesn’t work too well. :wink:

I’ll check out Stripe, thanks.

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That’s another good idea - I could use separate scripts for credit cards and PayPal, if necessary. Thanks.

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I just went live with my first Stripe integration and it is fantastic. The SSL cert was cheap and their PHP library is fantastic.

They do have a nice JavaScript option that you can have up-and-running in minutes.

It’s a nice product and feels much more polished than others I’ve used (Sage Pay, PayPal, WordPay, etc).

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It’s so cool the way this worked out. I’ve been wanting to try out https, my websites were being spammed by Google, and I wanted to set up some sort of e-commerce program.

I discovered that my webhost offers SSL with a server upgrade - free for the first year, $50 a year after that - so I upgraded my server (paying just $20 a month more than before). Now my sites aren’t crashing as often as the were, I have an encrypted site, and Stripes does indeed look cool.

The only problem is that the standard script is apparently set up for a set price. The workaround is a little technical, but I asked them if I could just paste in the same JavaScript several times, modifying each instance for a particular price, and they said that would be OK.

I’m interested by the title,

Well, it got SOMEONE’s attention. :wink:


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