A Good Kickstarter/Indiegogo clone script

I want to start a crowdfunding site like indiegogo, just that I need moneybookers as my payment gateway integration instead of paypal as it cant be used in my country to transact within the same country (Wierd! but rules cant be broken)

After loads of gogling and looking at all the freelance sites, I realized its best to buy a product off the shelf instead of custom coding it from scratch which most developers will try to sell. There is already a demo…lower prices…others would hv already used it…

I am down to 2 scripts :

1- Agriya’s kickstarter clone called SF platform which costs $1000 plus $1500 (fpr moneybookers integration) = $2500

2- Fundraising script.com who are willing to it for $350 with moneybooker integrations for FREE

I am considering the second script because of budget constraints. But I like the Agriya script for its features. I have tried several times to speak to the sales team but they refused to give me a discont above 15% while I am well aware that they hv sold their $1000 scripts for $250 - $350.

I dunno what to do ?

Should I buy the $350 script , I need someone who has used this script to tell me about it.

Or maybe all the ppl who like the agriya kickstarter script should vote here. So we can try and negotiate a group buying deal with them atleast 5-10 people should do the magic I think.

If there are other scripts that you have tried off the shelf ready to buy please do share …

I just purchased the clone script from Guruscripts. Very basic. I am trying to customize it now. Easy so far since it is basic php and css. I like Agriyas script too but it is too expensive. Count me in for your group purchase or additional user license.

Yeah if Agriya has got the unlimited domain license package maybe we can contribute, purchase and share. Fundraisingscript.com is an option but does not have a sophisticated functionality and look and feel in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong as I’m not saying their script isn’t good, I’m just of the opinion that it does not match up to Agriya’s (As a matter of fact I contacted Fundraisingscript.com and they responded within hours which is a good thing in terms of customer service.)

Count me in too if there is a crowdbuying alternative for Agriya’s.

Did you say you purchased from guruscript? Then what’s all the buzz about them being scams? I read on the web from different sources about the horrible experience they have had with them. I gotta see your site to believe. They have been so unresponsive to emails and tickets and people have complained same. They will be a no-no for me regardless.

Even I am interested in purchasing asap. Count me in.

The unlimited domain allows u to install on abc.com, abc.biz, abc.org

Not on abc.com and xyz.com
I have confirmed from agriya.

Spent a few hours with the Agriya team , they best that they can do is 25% discount. Thats still 750 Dollars

nice, and please count me in on this too!

does anyone have experience with this?

I contacted them, they do not have the script ready off the shelf, they will start development after you pay them 50% advance which is $5000

I think it makes 5 of us in this Group here. Will write to them for a group deal. Can we get a rough idea of all our tech /non tech backgrounds so accordingly we can negotiate. cos they have a $500 deal with no updates, no installation/support. So the installation, 3 month support and 1 yr updates cost $250.

biglakes, drvk , ejv1234, lione… ???

monica, i´d go for updates on my part. we are an Austrian based web-agency <snip>
did the demo here http://sfplatformdev.dev.agriya.com/ to work? i´m having some troubles…

The problem with agriya is that its a 200 ppl company and we need to deal with the Sales guys who are extremly CLOSED. In the fundraising script we can interact directly with the developer and the support/customer service is so much better.

I dont know what trouble Agriya script has, even when you register and checkout the kickstarter clone script : [B]http://customers.agriya.com/products/seed-funding-platform[/B], View issues, changelog, roadmap, testimony are all blocked only for paid users.

The sad part is they do not offer a TRIAL or a money back guarantee, so after paying $750, if we dont like the script, we can only re-sell the script (license has to be passed on) to another person at less than 500 (for a new support it costs $200/month and $57 for installation). If the user is still going to pay $750 in total he’s rather go with Agriya directly. SO I think the re-seller will have to be sold at $250-300, which is almost 66% loss if we dont like the script.

I am kinda tilting towards the $350 script atleast they hv decent support.

I don´t know how complex you want to go, but maybe this is an option too? http://wpmu.org/kickstart-cash-flow-with-the-new-fundraising-plugin-for-wordpress-multisite-and-buddypress/

Have you guys settled a deal for a groupbuy? I’m interested if you haven’t yet.

I’d be interested if you guys are going for a group buy! Cheers

I’m in also. Please guys contact me on abd [dot] absi [at] gmail [dot] com

The guys at Agriya are not coming down on the price. $750 is their final price group buy or single purchase - Same deal

I dont know if its really worth it when their closest competitor is charging half their price.

Are there any other option ?

The agriya script has many more features I think and going with 350 USD script and then developing it further will cost more in my opinion.

What u guys say?
What do u think further developing 350 USD script cost???

Im all in with you guys.!